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Dove Hunting in Central Coleman County, Texas

For Centennial Lodge Guests

Two Day, 4 Hunt Session Package

Dove Hunting with the Legendary Hank Wise

Hank Wise (Quick Stick Outfitters, LLC) offers dove hunting in central Texas and has been in the hunting business since he graduated from Texas Tech in 1978. Hank and Hunter Wise and their scouts are constantly monitoring local conditions and acquiring hunting rights to bird fields rich in sunflowers and dove weed, which give Centennial guests the best chance of a productive hunting experience.
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When you think about a bird dog, a bird vest, flying doves, shotgun shells, and a group of many hunters, what do you think about?

You think about the mourning dove or Eurasian collared doves and your shooting skills! You take a deep breath and imagine your camouflage shirt, the hunting area, the plowed ground, dove fields, grain crops, and dove seeds that matter to the expedition.

With the seasoned guidance of Hank Wise, you can benefit from the legendary dove hunter’s astounding experience that spans over 40 years. From helping you access the most prolific dove hunting sites in Central Texas to ensuring that you enjoy the adventure with authentic activities, Hank and our team stay true to the promise of Texan hospitality.

If you are part of a group of dove hunters, you will certainly want to take advantage of this experience during dove season. These migratory birds provide an enthralling experience during dove hunting season.

With Quick Stick Outfitters, LLC, you can ensure that the experience is memorable for your hunting party and seamless to access in the first place. Once you book your stay at the Centennial Lodge, you can easily enjoy your hunting trip as a multi-day excursion. This provides you with a mix of ideal comfort and thrilling adventures through the same avenue, which helps you get the most out of your trip to Coleman County, TX.
Centennial Lodge guests participate in a two day, 4 hunt session package, allowing all guests ample opportunity to bag their legal daily limits and their overall position limits. The Wise’ family & staff are committed to helping the TPWD game wardens enforce all laws related to the hunt and will not tolerate guests pushing the limit.

Book Multi-Day Dove Hunting Trip in Coleman County, TX

Quick Stick Outfitters’ dove hunting trips in Central Texas are designed to deliver an authentic hunting experience in the Lone Star State. Due to this reason, we steer clear of delivering a short trip to scattered hunting sites. Instead, each of our trips comprises a two-day adventure to the most captivating dove hunting fields in the area. In addition to offering you a chance to see picture-perfect sights, this also translates into exciting hunting excursions.

Our two-day adventure includes four hunting sessions, which give you plenty of chances to hit your ideal game target while spreading it over a good timeline. This makes sure that even as you stay in line with your daily hunting limit, you are able to savor the thrilling experience of your relaxing trip to the Centennial Lodge.

In addition to being accompanied by Hank Wise, you can ensure that your hunting trips are also supervised by seasoned game wardens. This provides you with the assistance that you require to follow pertinent rules while also ensuring that you are able to adhere to all laws that help preserve wildlife in the stunning bird fields of Coleman County, TX.


We Offer the Required Guidance Through a Friendly Approach.

Having lived through the welcoming fields of Central Texas practically throughout our lives, the Wise family harbors a heartfelt fondness for the area. It is one of the reasons why our love for the specific lands of Coleman County shines through in an unmistakable way. But our appreciation for this part of Texas also stems from the many natural gifts it has to offer to the world.

With this appreciation for the local lands, we treat the task of guiding our guests through the area as a delightful opportunity. As a result, whether you are learning about the different doves that are available in the nearby fields or exploring the sights like the unique presence of nature they are, our family and team are right there to answer your questions and deliver pertinent information from a place of fondness.

In addition to guiding you through the most exciting hunting sights, this also includes supporting you with getting your required hunting licenses. We inform you about how to get your license seamlessly directly from the authorities, which lets you enjoy the dove hunting fields in Coleman County, TX, without any problems.

We also make it a point to guide you through what hunting equipment you may require for the excursion. This allows you to get all items in a timely manner before your trip, ensuring that a lack of supplies does not compromise your trip.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today to book your dove hunting trip in Central Texas.


Yes, please bring your own gun(s).
No, we do not provide guns.
No, please bring your own shotgun shells.
All hunters should camouflage clothing, rain gear, high top boots, game bag, and a camp stool. All hunters are also required to possess and present a valid Texas Hunting License. *Out of state hunters can obtain a non-resident 5 day small game license by calling Texas Parks and Wildlife at 1-800-895-4248 or by visiting their website at tpwd.texas.gov for more information.
No, please do not bring non shooters
Yes! We can accommodate 1 to 70 hunters in a group.
We are happy to provide unlimited tea, coffee, juice and milk. Please bring any other drink you desire.

Dogs are welcome as long as they are kenneled while at the lodge.

15 birds per day | 2 day limit