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Coleman County has been acclaimed by many in the hunting and wildlife press as the “Dove Hunting Capital of Texas”. Hunters must agree, in that thousands visit the county each year for exciting and fruitful hunting experiences. The guests of Centennial Lodge have, year after year, experienced the best the county has to offer.

Hunting conditions change throughout the season. As a rule, early in the season the doves are more abundant in the North part of the county. As the weather changes and hunting pressure affects local dove population, the South part of the county becomes more productive. Of course, all of this is dependant on the moisture conditions and many other factors. Hank Wise and his scouts are constantly monitoring local conditions and acquire hunting rights to those fields, rich in sunflowers and dove weed, which give the Centennial guests the best chance of a productive hunting experience.

Generally, Centennial Lodge guests will participate in a two day, four hunting session package, allowing all guests ample opportunity to bag their legal daily limits and their overall possession limits. Hank and his staff are committed to helping the Game Wardens enforce all laws related to the hunt and do not tolerate guests pushing the limit.

The hunters generally have a noon arrival and settle into their rooms and prepare for the afternoon hunts. Departure to the fields occurs between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM, with return to the Lodge around dark. Hunters then have time to wind down and prepare for their dining experience. Excellent bird cleaning facilities are provided.

After dinner, the guests have multiple areas for relaxing or participating in recreational activities. Big screen television is available in both the main lodge and the annex. Card tables are available and wet bar facilities are available for guest use. No alcohol is provided by Centennial Lodge.

The morning hunt begin as the hunters gather to be shuttled to the fields around 8:00AM and generally return to the Lodge at 10:00AM to 10:30AM. The hunters return to a piping hot breakfast buffet guaranteed to satisfy the appetite. The guests then have free time to shoot clays, play cards, take naps, visit the local communities or conduct business meetings. Conference rooms are available for companies to conduct business and many take the opportunity to hold meetings in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

The process then repeats over the next twenty four hours, with the guests departing after breakfast on day two.

Hunters should bring shotguns, shells, camouflage clothing, rain gear, high top boots, game bag and camp stool. All hunters are required to possess and present a valid Texas Hunting license. Out of state hunters can obtain a non-resident 5 day small game license by calling Texas Parks and Wildlife at 1-800-895-4248 or visiting their website: (www.tpwd.state.tx.us).